Spain is an amazing country, as I often repeat over and over throughout this site. Seriously though, I love it. I have traveled around the world and worked in different countries to find myself living in Spain on the East Coast. My situation is a little different from other expatriates in Spain, as my residency is based on my partnership with a Spaniard. Nevertheless, we decided to move to Spain because I am not a fan of long cold winters, and as well the lifestyle suited our personalities.

I decided that although discovery and travel are super awesome and important, this site needed a dedication to those who not only want to visit Spain but to those who want to live here. Hopefully, I can help answer any questions or doubts and provide some insight into living in this wonderful country.


One of my favourite things about Spain is that there is less pressure on working long and hard, and more focus on enjoying life. By this I mean there is less pressure to work all day (although some people do) and allowing time to enjoy a siesta in the afternoon. This is coupled with the fact you can go out any evening to enjoy some tapas and cervecitas with friends or grab a bite for Almuerzo at any cafe.


The East Coast of Spain, Valencia where I live, is more of compromise for people like me who could do without seasons (particularly the cold ones) and my partner who likes some variety. It is generally very mild (whether that be mildly cold or mildly warm) during Spring and Autumn and Winter, with Summer being very hot and dry (although very humid).


I cannot say I am an expert at living in Spain, but I can share with you my personal experiences. They might not apply to everyone or every situation, but hopefully, they can give you an idea of what it's like living here! Keep in mind, I am living on the East Coast, which can be different from Central, Northern, or Southern Spain in ways of life, work etc.

Experience CHESTE like a MotoGP Pilot

Experience: CHESTE like a MotoGP Pilot

If you are a MotoGP fan, you know that the Cheste circuit is where the final race of the championship is always held. But what you might not have known is that it’s also a place where you can learn to race too! If you love MotoGP, have a motorbike ...
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Expat Journal: Taking the CELTA course in Valencia, Spain

Expat Journal: Taking my CELTA in Valencia, Spain

Taking the CELTA in Valencia, Spain Hello, everyone! Recently I decided to take the CELTA in Valencia, Spain to open up some doors and get me into the teaching world. It was quite a journey, and I hope that this post can help you if you are thinking about taking ...
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Valencia Spain transportation

Public Transport In Valencia Spain

Getting around in a new place can be confusing, especially if everything is in a different language. Here I am going to go through the options you have taking public transport in Valencia Spain, and how to manage it like a local! First off, why might you want to take public ...
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Spain Visa Requirements

Comprehensive List of Spain’s Visa Requirements

So you are planning a trip to Spain for your holiday, YAY! Spain is super awesome and you are going to love it. But first, the most annoying part of the traveling process, the legalities. Luckily the process for Spain can be very easy depending on your home country. WHAT ...
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Travel Spain

What you need to know before traveling to Spain

So we have all heard how Spain is this beautiful country with delicious food and wine, amazing festivals and traditions and a magnificent landscape dappled with historic buildings. (Which by the way are all true!). But there are always those funny things you hear rumors about, like the deep love ...
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With a successfully completed CELTA course, I am looking for the right work. Already being offered job positions, it is now time to decide which one will suit me best.


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