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Spain is a beautiful and diverse country. This diversity shows as you travel across the country and experience the traditions, culture, cuisine, and landscape each province offers. It is no wonder that Spain is in the Top 3 of Most Visited Countries in the World! Being not only one of the most visited countries, Spain is also in the Top 3 Countries in the World with the most World Heritage Sites. Currently, Spain has 45 different recognized Heritage sites across the country; In addition to 14 Intangible Cultural Heritage human treasures. This Ranks Spain as first in Europe according to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

There is no doubt that Spain has something to offer for every type of traveler, and a new adventure in any region you may visit. Let us be your Local Best Friend in Spain, and get you on the right track to having truly authentic experience!


Spanish culture is rich with traditions; traditions which span hundreds of years that are still practiced today. Historically, Spain struggled with control between opposing groups, from the Romans to the Moors. Because of this change in control throughout time, Spanish culture and traditions have been shaped in different ways throughout different regions. Since Catholicism gained back control of Spain from the Muslims, Spain’s culture and traditions have been most heavily influenced by the Catholic religion. Almost every festival or feast is in celebration of a Catholic Saint; However, No matter which town or city you enter, they will have their own unique traditions and festivals.


From gourmet restaurants to tiny street cafes, there is no shortage of delicious cuisine in Spain. High-end gourmet restaurants can be found in every city, but the true gems of the Spanish culinary world are the home-cooked meals. Whether it is a small cafeteria, or having a cookout with some Spanish friends, the true flavor of Spain is found in its simple local ingredients prepared with plenty of love. Better yet is the vast amount of vineyards and wineries present in many of Spain’s regions; All offering a unique tasting experience. From the Northern Province of La Rioja, to even Las Islas Canarias; neither is better than the other, and each gives something new to try.

Discover La Comunidad Valenciana

Being the fourth most populated regions of Spain with the third largest City, La Comunidad Valenciana - or the Community of Valencia, is a region which cannot be ignored. La Comunidad Valenciana is made up of three smaller provinces, Valencia, Alicante and Castellón. Located on the East coast of the country, it offers beautiful ocean views, while at the same time diversity between mountain ridges and farming plains. Because of this diverse landscape, climate varies from city to city. Although there is a wine region in La Comunidad Valenciana, it is mostly known for producing oranges and clementines.

Spanish is the national language in Spain; however, like all provinces and regions, there are local variations which can be described as almost being separate languages. In La Comunidad Valenciana, the local language is Valenciano. It is a historic language which until the end of Spain’s dictatorship had been repressed. It is more commonly spoken in smaller towns and villages outside the city and is a huge part of the province’s cultural history.



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We are currently working throughout the region of La Comunidad Valenciana, including Valencia, Alicante and Castellón.

Next locations on our map to discover include Murcia and Castile La Mancha (Albacete, and Cuenca); to be followed by the Balearic Islands (Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca).


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