DISCOVER: What’s next on my Spain bucket list?

What is Next on my Spain Bucket List

Spain is amazing, with every corner of the country offering something amazing, whether it be nature, culture, food or adventure. I can’t explore the country fast enough to build up my blog, but I can show you my current Spain bucket list for you to see what’s worth visiting now while I work on exploring more!

*Side note, this post will update as I visit these places and give them their own post, and add new interesting places worth visiting!

What’s Next on my Spain Bucket List?

I still have a few more points of interest in the Community of Valencia to visit before I move on to some other provinces.


  • Castillo de Sagunto (Old and not well-kept castle, BUT MASSIVE on top of a mountain overlooking the ocean)
  • Xativa (Another older castle situated beautifully in the mountains)
  • Chulilla (A tiny concentrated town at the foot of a mountain out cropping hosting another castle and amazing views)
  • Bocairent (During the wars between Catholics and Muslims, this city was crucial. There is a giant wall of a mountain covered in caves used for hiding during attacks)


  • Montenejos (A beautiful freshwater spring with water falls and pools in a mountain oasis found from an amazing mountain driving route)
  • Morella (I love castles! This one sits obnoxiously overlooking this small town demanding presence)
  • Las Islas Columbretes (A marine reserve, a perfect spot to go sailing and scuba diving)


  • Guadalest (A castle situated in a mountain valley filled with trees and precious views)
  • Villajoyosa (Beautiful seaside village hosting Costa Brava beaches)
  • Torrevieja (Pink salt lakes and rivers)
Big Ticket Spain Bucket List

Since the whole of Spain is amazing, I can’t leave out some of the most exceptional cities to visit throughout. If you are near any of these cities or regions, YOU CANNOT MISS THESE!


  • Playa de la Catedrales (Beautiful beach strip with overhanging ledges and cliffs in the North West corner of Spain)


  • El Camino del Rey (Cliff edge walking paths)
  • Ronda (The most awe-mazing medieval looking bridge the world has to offer with a town basically on a small mountain island)


  • Valldemossa (Town hidden in the mountains)


  • literally everywhere along the coast. Breath taking caves, cliffs, and rock formations.
  • La Ruta de Cares (Breath-taking hike through the mountains)


  • Belchite (Amazing ruins)


  • Albarracin (Medival town)


  • Benalmadena (One of the most interesting looking castles I have seen)

Canary Islands

  • La Geria, Lanzarote (Volcanic vineyards)

La Rioja

  • All the wine fields and wine throwing festival!

Basque Country

  • Ultimate foodie stop!

And do not forget all the great UNESCO sites and traditions found throughout Spain!

What is on your Spain Bucket List? Share it with me in the comments below!

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