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Best Apps for Traveling to Spain

Don't forget to download these to your smart phone before you travel!

We live in a world filled with technology and it is making our lives so much easier- especially when it comes to traveling.

Before I travel, I like to have my phone cleaned out of the useless stuff, and update it with the best apps for my destination.

From experience, I have put together my favorite apps for traveling to Spain (although you could use these anywhere really!). With this set of apps you should have a worry free time during your travels!



  • Google Maps has almost the entire globe on its database, meaning it is very unlikely you will get lost on the road or in cities and towns. I highly recommend having Google maps on your mobile for your travels. As well, you can download your destination ahead of time so that you can use the maps while offline!



  • There is a paid version of this app, but I am all about the FREEBIES. Pana offers a great free version of its app which basically via email holds all of your reservations and confirmations in one place making it easy to share with others on your trip. Do not get left with a mess of email confirmations and spend hours trying to find something you may have deleted, download Pana! It is also great because of its content share-ability to keep your friends and family in the loop in case of emergencies!



  • Different country, different language. Now these translating apps are not 100 % and I do not recommend typing in full sentences because the grammar is different and the translations sound silly. BUT it is super useful for single words and can really help sort out, what you might be eating or aid in trying to explain something to a local. Like Google Maps, you can download a language a head of time so you can look up translations while offline, which is super helpful if no WIFI is around.



  • How about learning the basics of the language before hand? Duolingo is a great FREE website and application to help you learn a language. The Spanish lessons are pretty good- but I will tell you it is not perfect, and it tends to have South American Spanish (which is a little different grammatically and some vocabulary). Either way, for a basic understanding of the language for communication purposes it is great! Give yourself some time before your trip through, as it can take time and if you rush through it you won’t retain the information!



  • Spain uses the Euro, and if you are coming from outside the European Union, you may find it useful to have this app to figure out prices and control your spending.

Are there any travel apps that are a life saver for you that I missed? Let me know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Best Apps for Traveling to Spain

  1. I have never heard of Pana before. It sounds very handy! I have the other 4 apps and love them all! I couldn’t live without Google Maps.

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