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Travel to Spain with this Free Budget Planner

Plan your perfect trip with this budget planner for Spain

I travel all over the world, and NOTHING has helps me out more than having a prepared budget to follow. This lets me know what I can expect to be spending and how I am doing within my budget while I travel. So I can book that extra scuba dive if I am under budget!

Now, having a budget is not simply saying,


You need to be realistic and understand there are known expenses that aren’t going to change. Like, you may only want to pay $100 for your plane ticket, but if you are traveling from North America to Europe- that AIN’T HAPPENING! That is why we budget before hand. And if you only have $5,000 in the bank, you may need to reduce how long your trip is.  Or maybe you will have the opportunity to extend it!

Anyway you look at it, having a detailed budget will relieve so much travel stress, and will avoid any unwanted financial surprises!

Here I have a budget for three different price ranges based on Spain. If you want, you can change average expenses to suit any country you may visit. These expected values come from actual budgets real people made while traveling in Spain.


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I may specialize in Spain travel now, but I have lived and worked in Central America and the Caribbean, backpacked South East Asia, and have flown all around the globe.

I have trip budget and planning down to an art. Even my partner in life and travel mentions that without my planning our trips would be a legal and financial mess.

I do offer travel planning and assistance for and in Spain, but I want to offer a free Excel template of the budget planning model I use for planning my personal trips.

Whether you are using a service like mine, or planning your own trip, this travel budget planner will show you what you can expect to pay for different budget options in Spain. It will even help guide you on how to make it work with your own financial situation!


Do you have any travel planning tips? Share them in the comments below!


4 thoughts on “Travel to Spain with this Free Budget Planner

  1. I am the same way before any trip (short or long), I have to draft my budget and itinerary with contigency plans. I feel so much better about my trip knowing I have room to purchase something and do my best to have a failsafe.

  2. Before planing a trip, i just plan for my fixed expenses and never the running cost. I have subscribed for your free budget planner. lets see if that helps me out.

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