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Spain is a beautiful country, from its picturesque landscape, historic and modern architecture, to its vibrant culture and traditions. It is no wonder it is of the top tourist destinations in the world!

Spain Uncharted was created by travelers, for travelers like you who want to take the road a little less traveled. We know when you go to a new country (or revisit because you love it so much!) you want to truly experience the true authenticity the country has to offer. We would like to be your local best friend in Spain, giving you the information to access all the best cities and towns to experience Spain like a true local.

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La Comunidad Valenciana

La Comunidad Valenciana is made up of three smaller provinces, Valencia, Alicante and Castellón. Located on the East coast of the country, it offers beautiful ocean views, while at the same time diversity between mountain ridges and farming plains. Although it is one of the Top Visited regions of Spain, many of its cities rarely see foreign visitors; however, local tourism in this region is big. The locals know this is region is a gem!

Let us be your Local Best Friend in La Comunidad Valenciana, and get you on the right track to having truly authentic experience.


From both historical and modern architecture, fiery festivals, and home to one of the most amazing culinary dishes, the Paella.


Visit historical rich towns nestled in Mountain Valleys, or just Relax on a beautiful beach and enjoy the scenery of this province's Dynamic Landscape.


Enjoy beautiful coastal villages, inland waterfalls and castles before sailing the Mediterranean Sea to Spain´s Marine Nature Reserve.

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We understand and appreciate the cultural history of Spain, but we DO NOT SUPPORT activities involving cruelty to animals.

Spain has so much more to offer than bull fighting, and we only share those experiences.

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